We would like to invite you to join the Open Biophysics Lectures event, which will be held on 15th of October using Teams platform. The invited speakers are going to deliver the on-line lectures on actual topics of biophysical research.

The final program will be announced soon.

On behalf of Organizing Committee,

Prof. Saulius Bagdonas

We heartily welcome all participants and guests who will attend the 2th Baltic Biophysics conference – 2th BBC2020. It is also a 4th open meeting of the Lithuanian Biophysics society.

The first Baltic Biophysics conference was held on 2018 in Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. It has been organized by enthusiastic members of Lithuanian Biophysical sociaty together with colleagues from Latvia and Poland with an aim to bring together scientists, mainly from the Baltic region, who are employing various biophysical approaches in search of the solutions to contemporary interdisciplinary scientific problems.

The speakers from UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and neighbouring countries shared their expertise and knowledge on different topics, including but not limited to studies of biomolecular interactions, photosynthesis, bioimaging and its diagnostic applications, development of biosensors and neuroscience.

This time the conference is moving to Vilnius and will run from Thursday morning, October 15, to Friday afternoon, October 16, in the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, which along with the Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University comprises a modern multidisciplinary scientific research complex “Sauletekis valley”. We hope that the warm, open and creative atmosphere of the conference as well as actual scientific discussions will assist in highlighting the current tasks of the biophysical community, boosting and strengthening international cooperation between the biophysicists from the Baltic States and a whole region.

We invite researchers to contribute to this captivating event with actual presentations as well as review lectures, which would raise the awareness of the fascinating interdisciplinary field of biophysics among colleagues, students and also general public.

The early registration time for abstracts is May 31th, conference fee – 50 Euro, and 25 Euro for junior scientists. Special discounts for members of the Lithuanian biophysics society are applied.

On behalf of Organizing Committee

Prof. Saulius Bagdonas