Title of the Presentation (Times New Roman 12 pt., bold)

empty line, 10 pt

Presenting Author1, First Co-Author1,2 (Times New Roman 10 pt.,)

1First Institution, Department, Full Address, City, Country (Times New Roman 10 pt.)

2Second Institution, Department, Laboratory, Full Address, City, Country (Times New Roman 10 pt.)

empty line, 10 pt

empty line, 10 pt

English is the official language of the conference. As a result, all abstacts must be entirely submitted (and presented) in English. Participants of the conference submit abstracts of one page filled out by at least 80%, including all text, figures, and references. Please note that after the submission deadline the list and the order of the authors cannot be modified, and must remain unchanged in the final version. Only abstracts in PDF format are accepted. All fonts must be Roman style (if you use MS Word or OpenOffice – Times New Roman, LATEX – Computer Modern Roman). Abstracts should include the title of the report (12 pt, bold), the names of the authors, the addresses of their institutions, the email address for correspondence (10 pt, normal). The name of the speaker should be underlined. Keywords should be provided at the end of the text, followed by a bibliography of no more than 5 sources (size 8 pt).

On sheet A4, the text format should consist of two columns. The width of each column should be 8 cm, the distance between the columns should be 1 cm. The left and right margins should be 2 cm, and the upper and lower margins should be 2.5 cm. Do not number the page.

Text of the abstract should be 10 pt. single spacing size.

Mathematical expressions must be numbered at the end of the line. The size of characters in mathematical expressions should be the same as in the text. We remind you that variables and functional symbols are written in italics, and mathematical functions (sin, exp, etc.), constants (e, i, etc.), differential sign (d) and abbreviations of words are written in ordinary (straight) font:


The dimensions of the figures should be chosen so that they do not exceed the width of one column. Note the size of the character indexes in the formulas and figures – they should be well legible.

Number the tables and figures in order of appearance in the text.

Table 1. Normal values of the parameters w andg measured at different temperatures.

T (K) w (GHz) g (GHz)
420 15,3 7,8
400 16,0 6,9
370 18,4 5,0
320 20,2 2,1

The list of references is given at the end of the text after the keywords [1]. The list should be numbered in the order in which it is indicated in the text [2].

Upload electronic abstracts on the conference web page – Conference abstracts will be accepted until 11th September, 2020.

All abstracts submitted will be considered. Incorrectly formatted abstracts will be returned to the authors for correction. Materials of the conference will be posted on the Internet. Selected presentations will be considered for publication in a scientific journal.

Fig 1. Potential energy of a quantum harmonic oscillator and several wave functions

Keywords: font, structure, submission, conference.


[1] J. Dudek, S. Pfeffer, R. Zimmermann et al., J. Mol. Biol. 427, 1159-1175 (2015). [2] P. M. Boersenberger, D. S. Weiss, Organic Photoreceptors for Imaging Systems, CRC Press, 1993.

[2] P. M. Boersenberger, D. S. Weiss, Organic Photoreceptors for Imaging Systems, CRC Press, 1993.